Shipping Policy

This although does eat into our profits big time, but we still choose to do so as we understand how annoying any additional charges can be on checkout, this is why we are willing to make less, just so our customer satisfaction rates remain high and we can provide them with value like no one else!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING how ever is not free, and we charge a fee depending on what part of the world you happen to be ordering from
We although, still charge much less for what the international shipping satchel costs us.


We apologise if your order has been delayed due to this Delta outbreak, shipping companies have been taking much longer than usual wait times as flights in and out of Australia have been limited, due to this, even the big logistical companies such as TNT & DHL have succumbed to the virus and the delays its bringing.

We’re so sorry for any inconvenience due to delays in receiving your order, we’d like to assure our customers we’re trying our best to get their orders out to them on time, even in such unfortunate circumstances. 

Thank you for supporting us and we hope you understand